Dean Downing wins Blackpool Nocturne

Emphatic victory in final race of series

UK circuit race specialist Dean Downing took an emphatic victory in front of a packed Blackpool crowd for the final race of the 2010 Nocturne Series, the Blackpool Nocturne, held on Saturday 21 August 2010.


The group of elite cyclists took the spectators by surprise as they hurtled around the streets of Blackpool at phenomenal speeds. It was a fantastic atmosphere further added to by the Brilliance Light and Sound show on

Birley Street


Dean Downing (Rapha Condor Sharp) and Simon Richardson (Sigma Sport Specialized) spent much of the time off the front of the race, with Downing seemingly the only rider able to go with Richardson’s huge attack in the early stages. It was a decisive breakaway, and one that even managed to lap some notable contenders over the tight course. Downing’s sprint was too much for Richardson’s endurance-style, and it was always going to be likely that the punchy Yorkshire rider was going to be too powerful for Richardson.

Dean dowding celebrates on the podium: dean dowding celebrates on the podium
Adam Tranter

Dowding celebrates the win

“It’s taken me four years to win one of these,” laughed Downing after the finish. He and Richardson worked well, but were kept on their toes throughout the race by an impressive Dave Clarke. Despite Clarke’s best chasing efforts, he was outnumbered by a Rapha Condor Sharp squad looking for another podium position. Kristian House and Dean Windsor kept Clarke company, but it was Windsor who peeled off through the Red Bull chicane to take third.

David clarke pushes hard:
Adam Tranter

David Clarke (Pendragon Le Col Colnago) pushes hard

Cycling fans, families, locals and partygoers lined the cobbled streets of Blackpool’s town centre, together enjoying a fantastic and unique spectacle. Riders launched past with no margin for error, before lining out through the Brilliance Sound and Light show, where spectators enjoyed watching the race in the nearby bars and cafes.



1 Dean Downing (Rapha Condor Sharp)
2 Simon Richardson (Sigma Sport Specialized)
3 Dean Windsor (Rapha Condor Sharp)
4 Kristian House (Rapha Condor Sharp)
5 David Clarke (Pendragon Le Col Colnago)
6 Graham Briggs (Rapha Condor Sharp)
7 James Stewart
8 Johnny McEvoy (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)
9 Jerone Janssen (Kuota-Road CC)
10 Jefte De Bruin (Kuota-Road CC)
11 Rob Hayles (Endura)
12 Richard Hepworth (Cycle Premier – Metalek)
13 Malcolm Elliott (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)
14 Tom Last (Sigma Sport Specialized)
15 Tom Murray (Sigma Sport Specialized