Derry bike blockage cleared

Sustrans route into city reopened

A major Sustrans bike route in Derry, Northern Ireland has been reopened. The traffic-free route had been completely  blocked using prefabricated concrete bricks, effectively cutting off traffic-free access for cyclists to Derry city centre.


The cycle path, which runs along the river Foyle from Prehen to the CraigavonBridge, had to be closed to the public back in April after a developer reportedly bricked it up.

Negotiations between Derry City Council, Sustrans and the developer have resulted in the removal of the wall by the developer leaving this path open for walkers and cyclists once more. 


 As well as being a local commuting route, the traffic-free trail is part of Sustrans’ 236 mile Ballyshannon to Ballycastle touring route which links Eire’s Atlantic coast with Northern Ireland’s North Sea, via Lough Erne and the River Foyle.