Domahidy Designs rebrands as Viral Bikes, updates Pinion hardtail

Gearbox-equipped hardtail gets reworked geometry for release

Steve Domahidy, the co-founder of Niner Bikes who went on to found his own company, has announced a rebranding and an update to the geometry of his company’s forthcoming 27.5+ Pinion-equipped hardtail. 


Moving forward, Domahidy Designs will be known as Viral Bikes.

“The realization came hard and fast that Domahidy Designs was not working as a brand name,” said Domahidy. “Of course, I believed in Domahidy Designs, but I was also obviously too close to really get that the name was limiting the brand’s potential.”

Viral bikes’ 27.5+ hardtail is equipped with a 12-speed pinion gearbox:

The Skeptic features a 12-speed Pinion gearbox

In addition to a rebranding, the yet-to-be-released “All Mountain Hardtail” we highlighted last month has been renamed “The Skeptic.”

Domahidy made some adjustments to the frame’s geometry in advance of its release and added an XL size.

“The Skeptic will have a one degree steeper seat tube angle, which will increase the reach of the bike on each size, as well as increasing the wheelbase and front and center,” Domahidy stated.

Geometry for the skeptic with a 120mm suspension fork. it is compatible with 120-140mm forks:

The Skeptic is compatible with 120-140mm suspension forks. Visit the Viral website for an interactive geo chart that shows the geometry with each suspension fork length. (The Skeptic with a 120mm fork is shown here.)

The Skeptic is constructed from 3/2.5 titanium. It’s compatible with 27.5x3in treads as well as standard 29er rubber. The belt is tensioned via Paragon Machine Works sliding dropouts. Rear spacing is set at 148x12mm. 

This ti hardtail is available in pink or brown. pre-order through april 31 will also include an industry 9 backcountry 27.5+ wheelset or 29in industry 9 trail wheelset with the frame package:

Brown or pink are the paint schemes offered 

The Skeptic will retail for $4,995 (UK and Australian pricing have yet to be announced). The price includes Pinion’s P1.12 12-speed gearbox and Gates belt-drive system.

It can be pre-ordered from now through April 31. The company is incentivizing pre-orders by including an Industry 9 Backcountry 27.5+ wheelset or 29in Industry 9 Trail wheelset with the frame package.

Domahidy expects the frames will be available by late summer.


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