Downhill Domination

You've seen the screenshots at . Now here's the real deal: Downhill Domination, the fi

Will Longden’s played it…

You’ve seen the screenshots at . Now here’s the real deal: Downhill Domination, the first MTB DH game, as played by our nutbars…


“Will, can you come and ride a whole bunch of new tracks for us?” the MBUK crew said. “They’re awesome. very very long, loads of places to pull all sorts of moves and tricks, North Shore sections, city sections, you name it. And you get to punch, smack, kick and whack all the other riders you’re up against.”
“Sounds good,” I said. “Where do we start?”
“The back of our truck.”

Fast Show
Hardest game in the world, pro downhilling. Well, not any more. Codemasters has a new game called Downhill Domination just out on PS2 that means you can take on gravity from the comfort of your sofa.

Codemasters sorted us out with an advance copy and asked us along to Aston Hill to have a race for real; and then try the game out on a mobile PS2 system from Joytech that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter.

From what we knew of the game, it sounded more than good enough to drag myself, Warner and French star Fabien Barel out of winter hibernation to play it just before it went on sale; and we took rising Expert rider Joe Finney along to keep us all off the ‘crossers and firmly on our mountain bikes. So the scene was set for some downhill and PS2 duelling at Aston Hill: a nation’s pride was at stake, you understand.


Ah, and pay attention at the back: we’ll be giving all this cool game kit away at the end of this feature in the new issue of MBUK, on sale 16th March.