Downhillers to tackle Wales’ mean streets

Urban downhillers heading for Penarth


Following the inaugural UK Downtown Race in the Shropshire town of Bridgnorth last year, South Wales will host 300 urban downhill riders at this year’s event on October 21.


The town of Penarth, just west of Cardiff, will be transformed into a downhill mountain bike trail for the day as riders compete against each other and a steep, uncompromising course.
While some of the sport’s elite riders and high profile teams will be participating, entry slots are also available for the general public. The precise course will remains a secret to all entrants until October 19 when details will be released via the event’s official website.

Open practice will begin at 9am on race day with the first competitive run scheduled for 2pm, when riders will begin chasing the £6000 worth of prizes on offer.


Urban downhill forces the riders to tackle steps, cars and unforgiving concrete turns whilst capturing the speed, air and power principles of classic downhill mountain bike racing. The sport is already well established on the international scene with popular annual events taking place in Mexico and Puerto Rico. However the best-known annual competition is the infamous Lisboa Downtown in Portugal, now in its seventh year it continues to draw huge crowds and TV audiences.