Drug testers pay regular visits to Lance Armstrong’s home

11 tests in 18 weeks according to social network updates

Drug testers pay regular visits to Lance Armstrong's home

International drug testers are keeping a watchful eye on Lance Armstrong during his probation period, the seven-time Tour de France winner has revealed.


Armstrong claims to have been drug tested 11 times in the past 18 weeks and two times in the past four days. The latest test was conducted by officials from the International Cycling Union on Thursday at his Texas home.

“UCI control. They flew a guy from Germany for it. That makes a ton of sense,” Armstrong wrote on Twitter, a social networking website.

Twitter allows users to send short messages which are then posted on subscribers’ mobile phones and online.

Armstrong even let his Twitter readers know that he was on his way to meet with the drug testers.

“I am back from the shop after riding four hours. I hear the drug testers are waiting at the house. #11,” he wrote.

Armstrong, who plans to resume his cycling career next year, was placed under a six-month probation period by the United States Anti-doping Agency at the beginning of August.

Armstrong needs to pass USADA’s out-of-competition testing pool before his cycling comeback can become official.

News of his return has drawn mixed reviews in cycling circles.

Armstrong has been accused of doping practices on several occasions, most notably in an article in French sports newspaper L’Equipe in 2005, claiming six urine samples from his 1999 Tour victory contained the blood-boosting drug EPO.


The rider himself has always denied doping and the UCI cleared him in 2006.