ENVE offers $600 off new wheels if you trade in any alloy wheelset

US-only deal offers up to $900 if you trade in a set of ENVE wheels

ENVE wheelset for road bike

Last week, ENVE announced its Trade In and Trade Up programme that would take $600 off any new wheelset if you traded in a set of rideable carbon wheels.


The premium wheel and finishing kit brand has now expanded this promotion to include any rideable carbon or alloy wheelset. 

The deal, which will only run until 2 December, offers customers $600 off any current ENVE wheel if you trade in any non-ENVE carbon or alloy wheelset. 

Those trading in a set of ENVE wheels will receive a further $300 off. 

The deal covers all wheels in the ENVE range. Given many of us are likely to have a set of old alloy wheels kicking about, this could be a good way to make a new set of high-end hoops affordable (affordable is maybe a stretch, but $1,950 does sound better than $2,550).


Sadly, the deal is limited to US customers only. It can be claimed in-store, through ENVE or via a select number of online retailers. The full details of the programme can be seen on the ENVE website.