Europe’s Biggest 4X Series gets a new title sponsor

Freerange Sport Optics has been attracted to the sport by the exciting racing and the spectator fri

Welcome to the Freerange Sport Optics National 4X Series

Freerange Sport Optics has been attracted to the sport by the exciting racing and the spectator friendly format.


Co-Sponsors & Prizes
A Marzocchi 4X WC fork will be up for grabs at each round of the series, Halo & ODI grips are product sponsors of the series – a set of rims at every round and a pair of ODI grips to winners of every category at each round including the supersross races. Revell Bikes will supply seats, stems and handlebars for prizes at every round.

Chris Roberts, Series Organiser said: “We are very excited about the 2007 season, we now have a complete weekend of racing with the new supercross races on Saturday afternoons and lots of great products to give away.”

Four Motos = more racing
New this season riders get an extra moto, four moto’s for the price of three so more chances to qualify for the next heat and more time on your bike racing down some very exciting courses.

Four New Courses
It should be a very exciting year ahead with four new courses, there’s a new course at the Edge Mountain Board centre just outside Bridgnorth, then onto the World Championships Course at Fort William which will be just amazing to ride prior to the world champs.

NASS is going to me a welcome return to the series, the atmosphere was fantastic on the last visit and with the hill now being pure mountain bikes will again be one to remember.

Belmont Estate near Bristol will have one of the best courses in the country once Phil Saxsena has worked his magic and created a new course for the National Champs in August followed by the National round on Bank Holiday Monday.

What would the series be without a trip to the classic indoor track in Sheffield?

Chicksands is a very fast and well made track with a triple at the bottom of the track – always a spectator honey pot. Hamesterly near County Durham is big long and fast with a hard stone surface, it’s like a world cup course with its huge start hill and fast twisting course always a favourite with the riders.

Supercross Saturdays
World Cup format 4x Racing in the UK with an added bonus. We expect to see a quite few of the younger & older riders mixing it up the fastest elites in the supercross races, This will provide plenty of excitement and a real buzz for the spectators to watch.

Saturday there will be three timed seeding runs and podiums for the fastest times in each category, it’s just like a mini downhill race.

The top 64 fastest riders race against each other in straight knock out heats.

The ultimate winner of an event is decided through elimination rounds with the top two finishers from each heat of four riders moving on to the next round but with 4X being so unpredictable it will throw out quite a few surprises.

Motos and Timed Seeding will now take place on one weekend. Many, many more chances to practice for that world cup win.

Talk about a win-win situation. Now you can take advantage of all the benefits of UCI world cup format racing at the national series, but still enjoy the convenience of racing in UK.

That’s a prospect that has NPS4X head Honcho Chris Roberts very excited. “We can run any combination of races at the same weekend, on the same track”. How’s that for opening up a whole new weekend of racing? If you’ve ever wished you could enjoy the best of both worlds, now you can with the Freerange Sport Optics National 4x Series.

Free Entries
Any riders who bring two new people to ride with them will get a free entry in 2007, we want this to be the best year yet for 4X in this country. We already lead the way in Europe but we want you to help make this sport grow and give you a free entry as thanks for helping.

Pro Snap @ NBS
Look out for the pro snap competition at the NBS in April, the four cross gate will be rolled out to test the best and worst in the country! Riders will be timed from the second the gate drops till then cross the finishing line 10metres away, with $1000 prize money each day expect to see some explosive action.

Race Dates
Rd 1 Sheffield Indoor – Sunday 04/03/2007
Rd 2 Chicksands – Bedford – Sunday 01/04/2007
Rd 3 Edge – Bridgnorth – Sunday 20/05/2007
Rd 4 Fort William – Sunday 17/06/2007
Rd 5 NASS – Sunday 8th July
Champs Belmont – Bristol – Saturday 25/07/2007
Rd 6 Belmont – Bristol – Monday 27/08/2007
Rd 7 Hamesterley – County Durham- Sunday 23/09/2007

Super Cross – Saturday’s
SX 1 Chicksands – Bedford – Saturday 31/03/2007
SX 2 Edge – Bridgnorth – Saturday 19/05/2007
SX 3 Fort William – Saturday 16/06/2007
SX 4 Hamesterley – County Durham Saturday 22/09/2007


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