Ever ridden an electric mountain bike?

Have a go at Dalby Forest, Yorkshire this weekend

An electric mountain bike in all its glory

The fourth UK National Demo Day is being held this Sunday  May 27 at Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire, and as well as bikes from manufacturers like Santa Cruz, Yeti, Saracen, Carrera and Trek there’ll also be a selection of electric mountain bikes from Yorkshire-based ElectricMountainBikes.com.


The bikes they’ll be bringing will be equipped with electric motor kits and state-of-the-art lightweight lithium technology batteries.

Steve Punchard of ElectricMountainBikes.com said:

“The idea is not that they encourage laziness, but increase adrenalin. Riding at higher average speeds especially uphill encourages the body to work harder, so achieving the same rush going uphill as downhill. In a world that is gradually saying no to noisy polluting motor sports, electric mountain biking bridges a gap as more people of all ages get the mountain biking bug!”


If you want to have a go on the electric bikes, head to Dalby Forest this weekend. If you want to book test rides on some other great machines, go to the Demo Day booking website right now.