Experts stress health benefits of cycling

Increased bike use could help reduce serious diseases

Delhi was studied for the report, but it needs a lot more bike lanes like this one.

Medical journal The Lancet has published a report highlighting the importance of cycling in tackling health and environmental problems.


The report looks at transport in London and Delhi, India. It says that in both cities, an increase in walking and cycling and a decrease in car use would not only help tackle climate change, but also bring huge health benefits to residents.

The most notable benefit was an estimated reduction of between 10 and 20 per cent of coronary heart disease, as well as a reduction in other serious diseases such as depression, dementia, diabetes and breast and colon cancer.

This scenario assumes the implementation of cycle-friendly measures, including “substantial investment in the design of infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists to reshape the streetscape and public realm,” which would persuade more people not to drive.


The report also considered any additional risk from increased levels of cycling and found that, although there would be an estimated 39% increase in the overall number of casualties, the risk per kilometre cycled would actually fall.