Eye Candy: Puttin’ on the Ritz

We took a picture to make it last longer

What is it about the marriage of simplicity and glamour that gets everyone excited in the bike world? In our quest for a new high-end category beyond carbon road racers, we found these lovely machines perched throughout the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas for Interbike September 26 – 28.


The Engin “Pedal Pink” singlespeed was built to raise money and awareness for the Susan G. Komen Philadelphia Affiliate. Just 400 tickets will be sold for US$10 each. Visit Engin Cycles.

Who among us wouldn’t give their left nut for a Colnago road fixie?

Boston’s Seven likes to flex its titanium prowess now and then. What better than a titanium and wood porteur?

So colourful you almost want to eat them, eh?

Okay, so the Ibis Mojo SL is carbon, but what sculpted art it is.

Rolling over nooks and crannies, now in titanium.

Full chrome is something we haven’t seen since the Schwinn Paramount days, and Torelli that it best to bring back the timeless finish.

The Canadian company celebrates 20 years in the business, and the Kona `88 reflects its personality and nod to simpler times.

Black and gold compliment each other well. The lugged steel Fuji Obey looks tense just sitting there in that showcase.

The Swobo Del Norte takes bling to a silver and red level, kinda like a reverse mullet.

The Schwinn Madison is now available in Varsity tuxedo blue.


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