Eyes in the back of your head

New rearview unit could be a lifesaver

Cerevellum's Hindsight rearview monitor

If rear view mirrors and periscopic vision helmets aren’t enough to make you feel safe, a new invention may put your mind at rest.


The Cerevellum Hindsight rear view monitor gives road cyclists (or paranoid MTBers) a video feed of what’s going on behind them in real time.

The Cerevellum is a parent unit which various devices can plug into. The prototype has a 3.5inch screen and a rechargeable battery with a four hour life.

It can also hold 32MB of workout data and has four USB ports for expansion modules for other items from the Cerevellum range, which includes a GPS reader, heart rate monitor, and cycle computer.

The image for the Hindsight rearview module is fed from a camera, either mounted to a handlebar end or seatpost.

The makers say it could help reduce the number of cyclists’ deaths caused by lack of rear vison – 13 per cent of all fatal riding incidents according to some studies.

It could also reduce the risks faced by club riders of bike on bike collisions when pack riding at high speed.

The unit isn’t on the market yet, but if the inventor can find a backer the main unit is expected to sell for about $300 when it hits stores, with the price of the Hindsight module still to be estimated.


However, whether the makers can persuade riders that using the monitor is safer than looking over their shoulder remains to be seen.