Family chat with the Robinson family

According to a survey released by Sport England 1 in 5 of us admit that a fit and healthy family nex

Sport England’s flagship family partake in a web chat

According to a survey released by Sport England 1 in 5 of us admit that a fit and healthy family next door would inspire us to get active and yet only 1 in 50 said that they actually are motivated by their current neighbours. It begs the question, are any of us doing enough to set a good example? There is at least one family out there who are leading the way for their neighbours and friends – The Robinson family are Sport England’s Champion Family and have been chosen to help Sport England motivate the nation to get active.


Dad David has led the way to encourage his family to regularly cycle, walk and go to the gym and has used sport as a way of keeping the family together. According to the research there is certainly much they can teach the rest of the country, particularly when it comes to motivation. 91% said that parents should be responsible for their kids taking exercise but only 7% say that they exercise or do any kind of sport with their partner or family so we most certainly do not practice what we preach as a nation.

Two thirds of the population would like to find more time for exercise but a worrying 1 in 10 do less than 10 minutes of exercise a day. Yet with thousands of clubs, teams and sports facilities all around the country, finding the right exercise for you and your family is only a few clicks away at

So how do the Robinsons maintain such a healthy lifestyle and still manage to find time for everything else? If you want to find out how you can be more like the Robinsons, and less like the Simpsons, join Charlie & Pat from the Robinson family for an online chat on 15th December 6pm – 7pm.


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