Fat Cyclist wins Bloggie

Comedic columnist victorious in 2008 Blog awards

The best photo ever taken of Elden Nelson

Elden ‘Fatty’ Nelson, whose unique brand of bike-themed humour appears every week on BikeRadar.com, has been announced as the winner of the 2008 Bloggies Sports category.


The Bloggies are among the more prestigious web-related awards, given that votes are cast  by blog-reading members of the public.

Elden celebrated his award by giving away 100 Fat Cyclist t-shirts and 100 Fat Cyclist water bottles, all of which were snapped up by his many followers over on Fatcyclist.com.


We’ll have more from the man himself soon, but until then tuck into some of his hilarious articles which have recently included “Leg shaving advice for cyclists” and “How to talk to non-cyclists” right here on BikeRadar.