First Endurance debuts EFS Liquid Shot

Mantra saddle, FFWD wheels and Clif Bars

First Endurance will introduce its first energy ‘gel’ since the company’s creation in 2002.  Though admittedly late to the game (GU debuted in 1991), the company claims that delay has allowed it to learn what works and what doesn’t and, more importantly, learn from others’ mistakes in developing its new EFS (Electrolyte Fuel System) Liquid Shot. 


“The EFS Liquid Shot is actually a long time coming”, said First Endurance VP of research and development Robert Kunz in a company press release. “We’ve been researching the gel market for six years now. The dilem­ma for us, though, was that our sponsored athletes wanted us to develop other products first. Because we had been look­ing at gels for a quite a while and our athletes have been giving us tons of great input and feedback, our research and development team had accumulated a lot of valuable knowledge and were able to develop something really unique. Not just a “me too” product, but a dramatic step up from a formula and packaging standpoint.”

Each EFS Liquid Shot serving will pack 400 calories, over 1500mg of electrolytes and 1000g of amino acids and will come in a resealable and reusable flask for easier and cleaner ingestion.  One significant difference from other gels on the market is that Liquid Shot really isn’t a gel; as the name suggests, it’s less viscous than most of its competitors which First Endurance claims eases digestion and absorption. 

First Endurance will offer EFS Liquid Shot in vanilla flavor only for now and availability is currently scheduled for October 15.

New Mantra for Selle San Marco

Selle San Marco will add a new top-end saddle to its road collection for 2009 called the Mantra. Claimed weight is just 200g but its enormous cutout, dense ‘BioFoam’ padding and ‘NoShuffle’ shaping (which is basically marketing speak for a narrow nose to prevent thigh chafing) promise good long-distance comfort, too. 

All Mantra saddles will also feature a carbon-reinforced shell, lightweight ‘Xsilite’ rails, and a breathable ‘Microfeel’ cover.  Five different color combinations will be on tap (including white, of course) and all will fetch a US$260 retail price.

FFWD wheels to offer carbon hoops in white

One of the last component holdouts on the white-is-the-new-black movement has been carbon wheels but Dutch wheel company FFWD (say ‘fast forward’) will now offer its F2R climbing model in a gloss white finish. 

Save for the gleaming hue, the white F2R wheels share the same build components as the standard version which include the shallow 20mm-deep carbon tubular rim, DT Swiss 190 or 240s hubs, and DT Swiss Aerolite spokes.  The sidewalls are left bare to retain braking performance.

The white finish does add 50g per pair but the total weight still ends up at a paltry 1049g (claimed). 

‘Tis the season for Clif Bar

Clif Bar has rolled out its annual range of seasonal flavours for 2008.  This year’s collection includes Spiced Pumpkin Pie, Iced Gingerbread and Pear Apple Strudel. Each is made with 70 percent organic ingredients including organic oats and soybeans. Calorie counts per bar range from 240-250 with 43-45g of carbohydrate in addition to a slew of other vitamins and minerals.


Most importantly, though, we’ve personally tested each of the seasonal flavours and found them mighty tasty. Yum!