First look: Blackburn AirStik LongNeck frame pump

Detachable head solves snapped valve stem problem

The US$35 Blackburn AirStik LongNeck frame pump with detachable head.

The US$35 Blackburn AirStik LongNeck frame pump solves a nagging problem among non CO2 users: how to quickly inflate a replacement or patched inner tube on the roadside or trail without worrying about snapping the valve stem.


The solution? A detachable head with miniscule thumb lock which serves both Presta and Shrader valves by flipping the pump head’s rubber gasket.

A partial twist of the head releases it from the pump body, connected only by a narrow red coiled hose. Maximum inflation is a generous 160psi.

The rebuildable aluminium-bodied LongNeck pump weighs 4.6oz/130g with cage mount and is 9.5cm long. A high and low volume/pressure setting switch is built in to the bottom of the pump, and the top portion below the head detaches cleanly by unscrewing for serviceability.

Blackburn market the AirStik LongNeck as a road-specific pump, but we think it suits mountain bikers just as well, or any cyclist suffering from snapped valve stems in a pinch.

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