First look: CycleOps JetFluid Pro and SuperMagneto Pro trainers

More kit for indoor training junkies

CycleOps recently revamped its popular line of trainers with new frames that are more stable, more accommodating of uneven surfaces, and pack up significantly tighter than before for easier storage.  New resistance units ring in the winter training season, too, including the JetFluid Pro and SuperMagneto Pro.


The JetFluid Pro is an update to the long-standing – and successful – Fluid2 unit and is also juiced up with a shroud that funnels air from the fan-shaped flywheel directly to the fluid housing for cooler operating temperatures. 

Likewise, the SuperMagneto Pro builds on the technology of the exiting Magneto resistance unit but adds four user-selectable power settings depending on workout goals.  The toughest ‘mountain’ setting is reserved for the most intensive interval training while a much easier ‘spin’ setting mimics the feel of rollers for gradual pre-race warm-ups.  

Ok, time to load up some songs on the iPod; we’ll report back soon.


Price: US$399.99 (CycleOps JetFluid Pro or SuperMagneto Pro)