First look: Knog Beetle, Skink, and Gekko LED lights

Low power, be-seen lights

Knog carved out a niche for itself with its tiny Frog single-LED lights and their colorful silicone rubber bodies and innovative integrated mounts that somehow fit around just about anything. 


The new 22g Beetle is roughly the same size but steps things up with two high-powered LED emitters in either red or white.  As with the Frog, this is still a ‘be seen’ type of light and not really something that can light the path in front of you very well but the Beetle’s brighter output means people will at least notice you from much further away now.  Knog claims a 35-hour run time in constant mode with the included batteries and up to 160 hours in one of the five flashing modes.

If you need a little more candlepower, Knog also offers the 57g Skink which houses four red or white high-powered emitters for even more visibility and uses similar silicone rubber construction as the rest of Knog’s lighting line.  Claimed run time in constant mode is a healthy 30 hours or up to 220 hours in flashing (two modes for white LEDs, five modes for red).  A handy supplemental LED battery indicator lets you know when you’re down to 25 percent power, too.


Prices: US$19.99 (Knog Beetle); US$29.99 (Knog Skink); US$24.99 (Knog Gekko)