First look: Lizard Skins grips

Peaty Lock-On and Charger grips

Peaty Lock-On grips

Few of us (if any) can ride like Steve Peat but now you can at least use his signature grips courtesy of Lizard Skins.  The new Peaty Lock-On grips feature a small-diameter barrel with a tacky waffle pattern, neat ‘Peaty’ logos on both the grips and collars and a cheeky ‘Cheers!’ greeting moulded right in.  


Lizard Skins offers the new Peaty Lock-On in a sedate grey colour with red anodised collars but given the inspiration, we can’t help but recommend the white option with red and blue collars.  Actual weight is 108g per pair including collars and hardware.

Price: US$24.99/UK£14.99

Charger grips

Lizard Skins’ new Charger grip recalls a more classic ribbed pattern but mixes it with a new single-compound elastomeric rubber that the company claims will deliver longer lasting performance than more standard Kraton-type grips.

At the very least, Lizard Skins has freedom of choice down pat as the new Chargers are offered in seven different hues including baby blue, pink, brown, olive, orange, white and, of course, black.  Actual weight is 90g per pair.


Price: US$7.99/UK£8.99