First look: New telescopic seatposts from Pure Racing

Budget and top-end posts, plus tweaks to existing model

Pure Racing are capitalising on the success of their Cobra KS i900 height-adjustable seatpost by bringing out a budget model.


The i850 will cost just £60 – or £85 if you want a bar-mounted lever – and offer 100mm (4in) of infinitely adjustable travel, including about 20mm of suspension. It should be available in early July.

Designed to fit a 27.2mm seat tube, it has steel rather than aluminium stanchions to cut costs and does not feature the one-way bearing of its more expensive brother. Weight is yet to be confirmed.

Pure Racing head honcho Neil Wilkinson described it as a basic, sturdy option for those who want the benefits of a telescopic post without having to fork out lots of money – “the Deore hub of the uppy-downy seatpost concept”.

Pure racing’s new entry-level i850 telescopic seatpost costs just 60: pure racing’s new entry-level i850 telescopic seatpost costs just 60
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

The steel i850 will cost just £60 and offer 100mm (4in) of infinitely adjustable travel

Cobra i950

Pure are also bringing out a new top-end model, the Cobra i950, which will feature an inline design and hollow construction to save weight. It will come with a kit to convert it between lever and remote operation. Price and weight have yet to be confirmed.

i900 and i900R

Existing models have been upgraded too. The KS i900 now has an air-tight sealed lower containing 20cc of oil and grease, which provides splash lubrication and reduces stiction.

You can alter the amount of air inside the post to change the speed at which it re-extends, the clamp has been beefed up, and the post is now available in two colours – black or black/red.


It is available to fit 30.9mm and 31.6mm seat tubes, and a 27.2mm version is in the works. RRP is £159.99 or £199.99 for the remote version (i900R).