First Look: POC armour

Stylish mountain bike kit from Sweden

Swedish company POC have been causing quite a stir with their new range of body armour, and it’s now available in the UK.


Ric from Mountain Biking UK introduced the brand in his blog earlier this month, and The Bike Chain in Edinburgh managed to get hold of some of the first samples for their stall at the Ordnance Survey Outdoor Show in Birmingham.

The Joint knee, ankle and elbow protection looks particularly impressive. Made of a similar material to the D30 used in SixSixOne’s Evo pads, the armour is soft and malleable until there is an impact, when it instantly hardens.

POC also make more traditional-looking ‘hard shell’ armour, but with some unique touches. For example, their Bone VPD leg armour hinges above rather than below the knee. This is said to improve both comfort and protection.


We’re going to put them through some thorough testing, and we’ll let you know how they fare. Full details will be in MBUK soon.

POC’s bone vpd leg armour is unusual because it hinges above the knee: poc’s bone vpd leg armour is unusual because it hinges above the knee
James Costley-White