First look: Swiftwick Four Merino and Four Ole socks

For keeping your piggies warm this winter

Swiftwick’s Four Merino socks sport a perfect-length 4″ cuff and beefy 60 percent Merino wool blend that should help keep your piggies warm this winter.  Though not exactly cycling-specific, they are still thin enough to fit into most cycling shoes.  


Swiftwick fits the Four Merino with a tight-fitting cuff that shouldn’t ride down (especially when secured beneath tights) and the mostly seam-free toe area leaves fewer opportunities for chafing.  

If wool isn’t your style, Swiftwick also offers the Four in an olefin fibre blend which is claimed to retain less than 0.01 percent of its weight in water yet be highly breathable and abrasion resistant.  

Both models are also offered in 1″ or 12″-tall cuffs and custom models are also available.


Prices: US$16.95 (Four Merino); US$14.95 (Four Ole)