First UST 29er tyre?

Geax introduce Barro Race 29

The 450g Geax Barro Race 29er UST tyre.

Italian tyre makers Geax have introduced what they claim is the first full UST (tubeless) 29in tyre, the Barro Race 29.


The 29 x 2.0 cross-country tread is designed for dry and hardpack conditions. It has a claimed weight of 750g, compared with 450g for the non-UST folding version.

According to designer and product manager Samuele Bressan, the development took the better part of a year, mostly because “we’re the first brand to offer a full UST 29-inch tyre, and that took some time to work out”.


The Barro Race tyre is also available in Tube NoTube (TNT). Retail is US$44.99 (£24.95) for folding and (£26.95) TNT, and $54.99 (£TBA, approx £40) for full UST. For more information, visit