Folders unite in Philadelphia June 5

6th annual event lures wee bikes to Ben Franklin's town

The 6th annual Round Up USA Folder Bike Fest is happening in Philadephia, Pennsylvania June 5 – 7, bringing like-minded folding bike aficionados together for lectures, group rides and fellowship.


Organiser Michael McGettigan, owner of Trophy Bikes, calls it ‘three days to explore the compact bicycle universe’.

“At Interbike several years ago, I noticed the folder folk were basically ignored, and I thought, ‘why not a folder-only dealie?'” McGettigan told BikeRadar. “On a US$500 budget, I started emailing, sent out some cards and wham! The first year, Hanz Scholz of Bike Friday was cool enough to say yes and he came.

“It was great; somebody had a flat on a Bike Friday and Hans was down on the roadside patching the tube,” McGettigan said. “People were ‘whoa; this is customer service.’ Each year, we’ve had no problems getting speakers to come, like Jim Glover and Doug Milliken (rider and designer, respectively, of the Moulton Streamliner that set a speed record that still stands), Grahame Herbert  (inventor of the Airframe folder).”

This year, McGettigan is pleased to have Peter Reich, inventor of the Swift Folder, along with Ed Rae, Brompton’s new North American agent.

According to McGettigan, the free event is for riders/fans of Brompton, Bike Friday, Dahon, Birdy, Bickerton and in fact, any bike that folds.

Here’s english again, working feverishly to unfold his bike in a competition outside trophy bikes last year. :
Al Gilens

In addition to lectures, Trophy Bikes will also test rides and demos, rallies, a bike on rail folder excursion, an ad hoc hill climb and a few extras, including:

• The US debut of the British designed MEZZO folding bike… (soon to be imported by Marin)

•  Trophy’s Superlight “Project Brompton”

• Dahon’s new Mu Uno urban single speed folder

•  Popular evening debate at the Bridgewater Pub, set inside Philadelphia’s grand 30th Street Station, one of the most beautiful rail depots in North America, according to McGettigan

The Round Up is held the same weekend as the TD BANK International Cycling Championships, so participants can also watch the biggest one-day road bike race in the U.S. and visit the Bike Expo there.


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