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Our exclusive 'Iron Horses' DVD, commissioned by Siemens mobile and produced by Chilli Media and Gra

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Our exclusive ‘Iron Horses’ DVD, commissioned by Siemens mobile and produced by Chilli Media and Grasshopper, has the best of the action from Fort William. Steve Peat, Cedric Gracia, Greg Minnaar, Dale Holmes, Brian Lopes, Nathan Rennie, Eric Carter, Will Longden and Nigel Page are just some of the riders featured…


There are the highs and lows of the 4X, with the Final wipeout that turned Steve Peat’s downhill-qualifying run into Man vs Pain, as well as the crunch that ended Lopes’ weekend.

There’s a behind the scenes look at the course with builder Phil Saxena, and an interview with Cedric on why he loves 4X, and plenty of action from qualifying and final runs.

There’s a whole section devoted to Cedric’s run on the downhill course, and plenty of action from the world’s best on the UK’s best course too.

At 7m high, 15m long with a 3m kicker, the ramp’s the biggest ever seen in the UK. Anchored on sea loch Loch Linnhe (max water temperature 9øC), the ramp was used by 11 riders plus a snowboarding loon to showboat their flipping skills in front of a huge crowd.


“The ramp’s the best way to learn good dirt tricks, said Igor Obu. Steve Peat and Cedric Gracia were guest judges as the best MTB and BMX airborne division took to the skies…