French campaigners target cars parked in cycle lanes

Gallic pressure group get stickering vehicles in nationwide campaign

Ever cursed that vehicle parked in your roadside cycle lane, forcing you into the middle of the road? Well, the French Federation of Bicycle Users (FUBicy) have responded with a national ‘stickering’ campaign.


Activists have been letting drivers know they are doing wrong by leaving a ‘dangerous parking’ sticker on the windscreens of their vehicles.

From 16-22 March, FUBicy urged members of its 160 local groups across France to take part in their Respect Cyclists campaign aimed at vehicles blocking cycle lanes and pedestrian access. 

An image and suggested text was made available on the federation’s website which could be downloaded and printed onto sticky labels.

FUBicy do give some words of warning to campaigners, as they recognise motorists may have a tendency to become “irritated”. They say:

  • This isn’t a punishment exercise nor an act of vengeance but a campaign to increase public awareness.
  • Place the stickers on glass, not paintwork.
  • If there is a confrontation with a motorist, simply explain the effects of their behaviour on the safety of other users and don’t criticise them personally.
  • If any discussion with a motorist seems to be escalating, don’t overdo it – you will never convince some people and it is better to close the discussion in such cases.
  • It’s best to do this as a group activity.

What are your thoughts on a similar campaign in your area? Would it be helpful driver education or a cause of conflict between cyclists and motorists?