From Sprint School novice to Revolution elite in one season

Green shoots of talent emerging from DHL Sprint School

Jamie Bremner

Several young riders who have participated in the DHL Sprint School have shown enough promise to move onto the programme’s  Talent team and compete in the DHL Future Stars series at the Revolution track meetings. One of them, 15 year-old Jamie Bremner has gone a step further, competing in the Elite men’s  Sprinting in November.


It has been a busy year for Jamie, his dedicated parents brought him from Dundee down to the DHL Sprint Schools in Newport on two occasions and then back again for Future Revolution in October too. Jamie’s been putting in a lot of hard work and getting good results. More importantly, he’s really enjoying it too, “the highlight of my year, that would definitely be racing at Revolution.” Surprisingly, Jamie only took up cycling just last year, and has made enormous progress since then, “Back in February I had no idea I’d get this far this quick as I only started cycling in April 2006.”

Following his DHL Sprint School coaching, Jamie’s approach to training has changed dramatically, “the training I was doing wasn’t making a difference but now it is and I’m happy, enjoy it and even go out in the rain!”  Working hard to combine study and sport is a constant challenge, Jamie’s studying Maths, PE, English and Computing whilst training six days a week and his parents drive him down from Dundee to Manchester as often as they can.


After Christmas, Jamie will be working even harder to fulfill his ambitions of getting onto the ODP and winning medals in the 2008 British and Scottish Championships. With big aims for the coming years, Jamie’s already looking to the future, when he hopes to “possibly compete in the Commonwealth Games in 2010, definitely in my own country in 2014 and try for the 2012 Olympics too.”