Gerolsteiner await sponsorship decision

Another team on the brink

Team Gerolsteiner chief Hans-Michael Holczer.

Cycling team Gerolsteiner will find out in three weeks whether the German mineral water company are going to extend their sponsorship deal, the team revealed on Saturday.


The team’s manager, Hans-Michael Holczer, told daily German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau that the team are soon to discover if their contract, set to expire at the end of 2008, will be renewed.

“We are all going to sit down together (with the bosses of Gerolsteiner) and they are going to tell us what decision they are going to make,” said Holczer. Cycling’s image has taken a hammering this summer after a string of high-profile riders failed drugs tests during the Tour de France, but Gerolsteiner were one of the teams unaffected.

Although German mobile company T-Mobile decided to continue their sponsorship of the team which bears their name, despite rider Patrik Sinkewitz failing a drugs test, Holczer is taking nothing for granted.

“It will come down to the company’s consumers to decide if they are going to continue the commitment beyond 2008,” said Holczer.


Holczer added that despite the numerous problems the Tour suffered, he still felt this year’s race had not been “a disaster or a scandal, it was probably the cleanest Tour we have seen for a long time”.