Giant’s all new road bike

Full specification still under wraps

A little fine-tuning before Leonid takes to the highways of Ukraine

As the world’s tallest man and weighing 200 kilos, the 8 feet 5 inch Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk inevitably struggles with the concept of ‘off the peg’ shopping.


But  circus freak style celebrity has its compensations and residents of his home town of Podolyantsi recently presented Leonid with a shiny new bicycle, made especially for him. 

Details of gearing, geometry and frame material have proved hard to come by here at BikeRadar, but it seems safe to assume that structural integrity was uppermost in the minds of the bike’s creators, with lip service being paid to aerodynamics and the notion of shaving off a few grammes here and there in the interest of speed.  


However, hand-built frame aficionados will note the Raleigh Chopper style handlebars, twin rear-view mirrors and twin saddles adorning the machine –  features which place Leonid’s steed at the cutting edge of Ukrainian bike design.