Google maps for cyclists?

Campaigners call on search giant to help riders

A Bikely cycle path route

Campaigners are calling on Google to get more bike-friendly.


Cycle routes should be added to the now ubiquitous Google Maps feature, they say.

Some 40,000 people have already put their name to an online petition calling on the planet’s favourite search engine to be more cycle-friendly.  

Google Maps are an extremely popular resource for getting around. Users have the option of viewing a traditional map, or a real satellite photo of the location, enabling them to spot handy landmarks to navigate by.

Live traffic info, and road directions are available for drivers, and some countries, even include public transport options, to aid travellers by bus, tram or train.

But there is no resource for bikes.

The campaign’s website says: “By implementing the “Public Transit’ option, Google and the Google Maps team have shown themselves to be concerned and capable world citizens.  

“A ‘Bike There’ feature would be the ultimate statement in support of sustainable development, self-reliance, exercise and healthy living: that’s bicycle directions.”

The Bike There feature could show cycle lanes, bike paths and other infrastructure, and could show options including the most direct route or the quietest and safest.

Campaigners say the feature would make cycling easier and more pleasant for millions of people around the world. It would empower world citizens to adapt their lifestyles to face the challenges of global climate change and it would help Google fulfil its mission of “organising the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful.”

You can sign the Bike There petition here


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