Green light for new Chippenham BMX track

Councillors agree to Olympic-sized facility

Chippenham Town Council has approved the idea of an Olympic-sized BMX track.

Town councillors in Chippenham, Southwest England, have given the go-ahead for an Olympic-sized BMX track in the town.


 Councillor Andrew Noblet, who put forward the motion at the meeting, said: “Basically it’s saying we agree there should be a track in Chippenham and we agree that it will be on Stanley Park because that is where the majority of the users want it.

“I know one of the problems at the Long Close track was vandalism, so we’ll deal with this by setting up a working committee,” he added, referring to a BMX track built by young riders in another part of the town.

“Perhaps we could build something now that could be extended at a later stage,” suggested Councillor Bill Douglas. “Preferably we could get something for the riders this year and then maybe something bigger in the future.”

BMX enthusiast Cameron Jenkinson, 15, said hundreds of riders in the town would welcome an Olympic-sized track.


“At the Olympics in Beijing last year we had two riders representing Great Britain, so if we had this kind of facility here in Chippenham, you never know, one day one of us could represent the country at the Olympics,” Cameron said.