Gym staff set new indoor cycling world record

Brits return to reclaim their title

Esporta’s CEO Glenn Timms and fitness instructor Anna Lovelock lead 410 employees as they cycle into the record books

Employees at a British gym chain have set a new world record by holding the largest ever indoor group cycling class. The 412 cyclists pedalled into the record books this week at Esporta Health Clubs’ annual conference in Gloucestershire.

This is the second time the health and fitness chain has broken the record in less than a year. The first attempt, which took place on 28 February 2008, involved 323 staff and lasted five months before being broken in July by a gym in Valencia, Spain, and then again at a trade exhibition in Toronto, Canada.

Esporta’s CEO, Glenn Timms, said: “Indoor cycling is one of the most popular of the 3,500 classes that are organised each week at Esporta’s 55 clubs across the UK and is something that we consider ourselves specialists in. It’s high-tempo, high-energy and instructor-led, which creates an incredibly motivating environment that helps people get the most out of their workout. We are delighted to have reclaimed our Guinness World Record.”