Halo Spin Doctor freehub bodies

Over the past few months we have had a small number of freehubs on our Halo Spin Doctor hubs fail. W

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Over the past few months we have had a small number of freehubs on our Halo Spin Doctor hubs fail. We believe that the problem stems from U.K. Winter weather conditions which have caused some freehubs to become susceptible to internal corrosion damage.


Even though this is a very small number, we have taken steps to improve the lubrication and corrosion resistance of our Spin Doctor Freehubs.

Therefore; from 2007, all Halo Spin Doctor Freehubs be packed with Finish Line grease at the factory, and they will also have a grease port built into them to allow regular grease lubrication and thus to provide extended trouble free service.

Further, we in conjunction with Morningstar Tooling, have also developed a workshop service tool to allow simple grease injection lubrication of pre-2007 freehubs. Should any customers have encounter problems with their freehubs function during the first 12 months they should return them to the shop where they were purchased for warranty replacement.

Spin Doctor rear hubs use “sealed” cartridge bearings as the MAIN load carrying bearings for the hub, however, the Freewheel mechanism bearings (that are only operating when you are freewheeling) are a non adjustable looseball type.

Please consider that they can (and should) be lubricated regularly to maximise performance and durability.

Further, Halo do not advise to run chains “tight” when using a cassette hub for Single Speed type use, as this will cause undue strain on the freewheel bearings, that are only designed to operate under minimal chain load from sprung gear mechanisms.

Lube Note: The looseball system Freehub bearings and pawl mechanism can easily be lubricated with thick oil or, with grease using a Morningstar Tooling developed Halo grease/lube injector Halo Spin Doctor Rear Hub with “lube hole” tool to provide a positive performance and an extended life.


New 2007 series Spin Doctor rear freehubs have genuine Finish Line grease packed inside, plus a “lube hole” concealed under the cassette cogs. To lube the pawls and bearings, simply remove the cassette cogs and insert a grease gun pointed nozzle and squeeze !