How the pros shoot a mountain bike DVD

An insider's look at the making of The Big Ride


The Big Ride DVD is an instructional mountain bike video set in the popular trail centre of Afan Argoed in South Wales. It sees MBUK’s Justin Loretz take a group of mixed ability riders around the Skyline and Wall trails, guiding them through the differing terrain as they ride.


The Big Ride Recce is a behind-the-scenes look at what went into the production of the original DVD, and is a unique insight into what it takes to compile such a video. According to Adam Loretz, Director of the Big Ride DVD, there’s a huge gap between the ‘extreme’ video market, and the amateur footage of riding found on sites like YouTube and Google video – he says that the Big Ride fills the gap nicely, and can be appreciated by both novice and experienced riders. He said: “Riders of all abilities can buy into it. It embodies the spirit of mountain biking, and gives people the encouragement to get out there and ride trails like Afan.”

As for what advice he’d give to budding videographers, Adam said: “If you’ve got a vision of what you’re going to do, it’s so much easier. Don’t assume you can just turn up and wing it – that’s very hard. Use the best equipment you can afford, and use walkie-talkies – they’re a brilliant invention for cameramen and riders.”

What does the future hold for the Big Ride? Adam’s currently working with Andy Lawrence (who also made Mountain Bike Britain), finalising a TV pilot to be shown on terrestrial TV.

If you want to go behind the scenes of the Big Ride and to watch the Recce video, click here.


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