How you can beat the winter mud

The MBUK boys reveal their secrets

Winter. Not a rider’s friend if we’re honest. But now you can wage war on winter, with the experts at Mountain Biking UK to show you how.


The latest issue of Britain’s best-selling bike magazine hits the shops today and it’s stuffed to the brim with the knowledge you need to keep riding through the wind, rain and mud we’ve got to look forward to in the coming months.

It reveals the tricks you can use to beat the bad weather and make mud your new friend. After all, if you tackle the slop with the right attitude, MBUK reckon it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

There are several key techniques you can use to ride confidently in the mud, and the mag talks you through them, along with its dos and don’ts for winter riding.

Also included are top tips to beat the mud, whether you’re skinted or minted. Yes, with some cunning DIY trickery you can ride in your favourite summer trail shoes and shorts.

The new issue of Mountain Biking UK is in the shops today so grab yours now. Or subscribe here and never miss an issue again! Inside you’ll also find essential mountain bike news and reviews, plus features on winter riding, pro downhill riding skills, and trails in Downieville, California and Cwmcarn, Wales.


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