Hutchinson and Laws win British time trial championships

Rain doesn't stop play, for once

Michael Hutchinson (In Gear-Quickvit RT) and Sharon Laws (Halfords Bikehut) have been crowned the men’s and women’s British national time trial champions for 2008.


Hutchinson, who last won the event in 2004, justified his seeding as pre-race favourite with an impressive time of 44min 49sec for the three-lap version of the course, which had to be amended after heavy rain and flooding forced organisers to re-route parts of the course near Staunton in Gloucestershire.

Second spot went to Sigma Sport RT rider Wouter Sybrandy with 46min 11sec, while De Rosa RT’s Matt Bottrill – part of the winning trio which took victory in the National Team Time Trial Championships back in July – secured another medal with third spot overall, clocking 46min 18sec.

“It’s always good to win a championship, but it’s good to get a UCI title which is a bit different,” said Hutchinson afterwards. “It’s a shame the likes of Wiggins and Millar weren’t there, but you can only race against the people who are and there was plenty of quality in the field.

“I feel sorry for Phil Sykes, because he was second until the last few miles when he punctured and ended up seventh which was bad luck, but Wouter also did a good ride.”

The women’s event was won by Team Halfords Bikehut rider Sharon Laws, the Olympian taking victory despite being penalised ten seconds for cutting out part of the course.

Even with the penalty she covered the two-lap, 14.7-mile version in a swift 33min 26sec to win by 19 seconds from Hutchinson’s In Gear-Quickvit RT team-mate Julia Shaw, while Halfords Bikehut Jessica Allen took third with 33min 47sec.

The fastest time of the day over the two-lap course went to Espoir winner Alex Dowsett, the former national junior 10 and 25-mile champion. His time of 29min 9sec was the only sub 30-minute ride, while the second fastest time for the 14.7 miles was from junior winner Joe Perrett (Glendene CC) with an impressive 30min 32sec.

In the Masters categories, Danny “finally admitting my age” Axford (Arctic Premier RT) won the A group with 30min 45sec, 38 seconds ahead of Ben Anstie (Chippenham & District Wheelers), while Ben Instone (Scientific Coaching) clocked 30-48 to win a Masters B category which was without reigning British Best All-Rounder Kevin Dawson, who chose not to ride. Instead, Anstie’s teammate Jeff Jones took second with 31:45, while Scot Gary Robson (Dooleys CRT) was third, another eight seconds slower.

Other racing

Elsewhere, Barry Charlton (Lyme Road Club) took victory in the Team Swift-Allsports 100-mileevent in North Yorkshire, clocking 3hr 32min 23sec for the Dishforth course to win by more than five minutes from National 12-Hour Champion and former British Best All-Rounder Ian Cammish (Planet X).

Cammish clocked 3hr 37min 42sec to push the promoting club’s Joel Wainman into third.

Shetland Wheelers’ Carlos Riise was a convincing winner of GS Corsa’s 100-mileevent in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on Sunday. He clocked 4hr 5min 31sec to win by more than 15 minutes from Kenny Anderson (Royal Albert CC) on a wet and windy morning.

Also in Scotland, Peter Ettles (Forres CC) took victory in the Kincraig 10-mile event, staged at Highland Wildlife Park as part of the Cairngorm weekend of events. He clocked 21min 1sec to win by 36 seconds from Ken Russell (Edinburgh Road Club), while Colin Duncan (Tri Changing Gear) was third with 22-19.

Reigning National Hill-Climb Champion James Dobbin underlined his form with a convincing victory in the Glossop Kinder Velo hill climb in Derbyshire on Sunday.


Aiming for a third consecutive title this year, Dobbin (Arctic Premier RT) clocked 13min 10sec for the 3.2-mile climb of the Snake Pass, while Peak Road Club’s veteran Chris Myhill was second, 47 seconds slower, and fellow vet Carl Saint (Yorkshire Road Club) was third with 14:02.


Elite Men
1 Michael Hutchinson (In Gear-Quickvit RT) 0:44:49
2 Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Sport) 0:46:11
3 Matthew Bottrill (De Rosa RT) 0:46:18
4 Mark Holton ( 0:47:05
5 Colin Robertson (Velo Ecosse) 0:47:34
6 Thomas Collier (Lifeforce) 0:47:58
7 Phill Sykes (VC St Raphael) 0:48:16
8 James Whatling (PCA/Ciclos Uno) 0:48:33
9 Colin Parry (VC St Raphael) 0:48:47
 10 David Watson (Coventry RC) (inc. 10sec penalty) 0:49:00
Elite women
1 Sharon Laws (Team Halfords Bikehut) (inc. 10sec penalty) 0:33:16
2 Julia Shaw (InGear-Quickvit RT) 0:33:45
3 Jess Allen (Team Halfords Bikehut) 0:33:47
4 Emma Trott (Team Halfords Bikehut) 0:33:59
5 Corin Simmonds (Oxford City RC) 0:34:12
6 Louise Dutch (Poole Wheelers) 0:34:52
7 Ruth Eyles (Beacon Roads CC) 0:35:17
8 Avril Swan (MI Racing) 0:35:18
9 Heather Wilson (Team QCP) 0:35:19
10 Jenny Lloyd-Jones (London Dynamo Cyclefit) 0:35:46
1 Alex Dowsett (100% ME) 0:29:09
2 Andrew Griffiths (WielergroepBeveren 2000) 0:30:09
3 Daniel Davies (KW Heist-Zuiderkempen) (inc. 20sec penalty) 0:31:15
4 Richard Meadows (Pezula) 0:31:23
5 Simon Baxter (MTS Cycle Sport) (inc. 10sec penalty) 0:31:32
1 Joe Perrett (Glendene CC) 0:30:32
2 James McLaughlin (Guernsey Velo Club) 0:31:12
3 Daniel Arblaster (Guernsey Velo Club) 0:31:42
4 Sam Harrison (Cwmcarn Paragon RC) (inc. 10sec penalty) 0:31:56
5 Richard Handley (MaxGear RT) 0:32:01
Masters A (30-34)
1 Danny Axford (Arctic Premier RT) 0:30:45
2 David Crawley (Fibrax-Wrexham RC) 0:31:33
3 Ben Anstie (Chippenham & District Wheelers) (inc. 20sec penalty) 0:31:43
4 Peter Kench (GWR Team) 0:32:06
5 Justin Hoy (Felt Racing) 0:33:02
Masters B (35-39)
1 Ben Instone ( 0:30:48
2 Jeff Jones (Chippenham & District Wheelers) 0:31:45
3 Gary Robson (Dooleys Cycles Racing Team) 0:31:53
4 Rob Lyne (Climb On Bikes RT) (inc. 10sec penalty) 0:32:16
5 Jeremy Ponting (a3crg) 0:32:22
Masters C (40-44)
1 Richard Prebble (GS Strada) 0:30:53
2 Steve Walkling (Velocity Bikes CC) 0:31:17
3 Andrew Meilak ( Racing) (inc. 20sec penalty) 0:32:04
4 Alan Cook (Ross-on-Wye & District CC) (inc. 10sec penalty) 0:32:19
5 Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) 0:32:38
Masters D (45-49)
1 Kevin Tye ( Racing) (inc. 10sec penalty) 0:31:58
2 Andy Eagers (Derby Mercury RC) 0:32:27
3 Mick St Leger (VC St Raphael) 0:32:29
4 Dave Dent (Wightlink/WightMountain RT) 0:32:36
5 Peter Graham (Reading CC) 0:33:50
Masters E (50-54)
1 David Pollard (In-Gear Quickvit RT) 0:32:21
2 Phil Bull (VC Elan) 0:32:41
3 Gawie Nienaber (Farnham RC) 0:33:01
4 James Rutherford ( 0:33:39
5 Derek Dowdeswell (Gloucester City CC) 0:36:54
Masters F (55-59)
1 John Herring (Leamington C &AC) 0:34:06
2 Ray Robinson ( (inc. 10sec penalty) 0:34:19
3 Robert Parry (Royal Dean Forest CC) 0:34:37
4 Paul Lipscombe (Caesarean CC) 0:36:06
5 Graham Huck (Doncaster Wheelers) 0:36:35
Masters G (60-64)
1 Tony Farrell (Manchester & North West Vets) 0:34:22
2 Barrie Mitchell (MI Racing) 0:34:24
3 John Eames (Corsham RC) 0:38:58
Masters H (65-69)
1 Roger Iddles (Stourbridge Velo) 0:33:58
2 Vince Jenkins (Rugby Velo) 0:36:28
3 Dave Birch (Welland Valley CC) 0:37:03
4 Michael Ives (MI Racing) 0:37:26
5 Allan Miller (Caesarean CC) 0:37:30
Masters I (70+)
1 Derek Hodgins (Stockport Clarion CC) 0:37:58
2 Hugh McGuire (Beacon Road CC) 0:38:01
Other racing
Team Swift-Allsports (Dishforth, North Yorkshire, 100 miles)
1 Barry Charlton (Lyme RC) 3:32:23
2 Ian Cammish (Planet X) 3:37:42
3 Joel Wainman (Team Swift-Allsports) 3:40:24
4 Nik Bowdler (Farnborough & Camberley CC) 3:41:24
5 Brad Johnston (
6 Colin Parkinson (South Western RC) 3:45:55
7 Andy Jackson (Pedalsport CC) 3:46:27
8 Carl Ruebotham (Team Swift-Allsports) 3:47:38
9 John Morgan (Preston Wheelers) 3:47:59
10 Dean Lubin (PCA Ciclos Uno) 3:48:35
GS Corsa (Aberdeenshire, Scotland, 100 miles)
1 Carlos Riise (Shetland Wheelers) 4:05:31
2 K Anderson (Royal Albert CC) 4:21:46
3 N Milton (Auchencrow Wheelers) 4:22:54
4 E Ritchie (unattached) 4:27:48
5 G Jones (Edinburgh RC) 4:35:20
6 Christine McLean (Shetland Wheelers) 4:36:57
Veterans on standard: Dick Stewart (Deeside Thistle CC) 1:22:53
Kincraig 10-mile TT (Cairngorm, Scotland)
1 Peter Ettles (Forres CC) 0:21:01
2 Ken Russell (Edinburgh RC) 0:21:37
3 Colin Duncan (Tri Changing Gear) 0:22:19
4 Peter Alexander (Moray Firth CC) 0:22:22
5 David Millar (Glasgow Couriers) 0:22:23
6 Duncan Warwick (Deeside Thistle CC) 0:22:30
7 Wim Chalmet (Cromarty Firth CC) 0:22:31
8 Bob McLean (Angus Bike Chain) 0:22:55
9 Kevin Lackie (Forres CC) 0:23:23
10 Ian Sargent (Moray Firth CC) 0:23:27
Veterans: Peter Ettles
Women: Mari Todd (Square Wheels) 0:24:18
Juniors: David Gunn (Forres CC) 0:24:54
Youth: Matthew Hamilton (Perth United CC) 0:24:48
Glossop Kinder Velo Hill-Climb (Snake Pass, Derbyshire, 3.2 miles)
1 James Dobbin (Arctic Premier RT) 0:13:10
2 Chris Myhill (Peak RC) 0:13:57
3 Carl Saint (Yorkshire Road Club) 0:14:02
4 Sam Clark (Buxton CC) 0:14:30
5 David Boughton (Coventry RC) 0:14:53
6 Chris Edmondson (Blackburn & Dist CTC) 0:14:43
7 Gareth Williams (Cheltenham & County CC) 0:15:33
8 Ian Shapiro (Stockport Clarion CC) 0:16:03
9 Gareth Lewis (Solihull CC) 0:16:19
10 Chris Sharp (Matlock CC) 0:16:33