Hutchinson introduces 26×2.3in Squale tire

Downsized version of the all-condition downhill tread

Hutchinson introduced the 26×2.6in Squale downhill tire last year. This summer, the French tire manufacture is expanding the Squale tire line with the introduction of a lighter and narrower 26×2.3in version. Hutchinson also plans to offer a 26×2.5in Squale later this summer.


The Squale is billed as an all-condition downhill tire. The tread was developed with input from Hutchinson UR team racers Mick Hannah and Fabien Cousinié. “It’s my tire choice for courses that demand a faster, lighter and narrower enduro all-mountan type tire,” said Hannah.

The squale is billed as an all-condition dh tire:
The side knobs use softer rubber than the center knobs

According to Hutchinson, the Squale went through a redesign when it was scaled down; knob height and placement were adjusted accordingly.

The 5mm-tall, sloped center knobs use a harder (50ShA) durometer rubber compound, while the 5mm-tall transition knobs and tightly-spaced, 7mm-tall outer knobs use a softer (42 ShA) durometer compound for improved cornering traction. Additionally, the space between the knobs is textured to improve traction in wet conditions.

Like the 26×2.6in tire, the new 2.3in version has a Hardskin casing to guard against sidewall tears and punctures and has a tubeless-compatible wire bead. Claimed weight for the 26×2.3in Squale is 780g. 


The 26×2.3in Squale is available now. Price is US$89.

The squale is now available in 26×2.6in 26×2.3in. hutchinson plans to introduce a 26×2.5in version later this summer: