If you can’t Cheetham…

"I'm thinking of building something like Dangerous Dan's indoor North Shore rig. It's a wooden cours

Jonny C on life and the proper use of car parks

“I’m thinking of building something like Dangerous Dan’s indoor North Shore rig. It’s a wooden course that they put up inside a tent to do shows on. Or we could dump a load of dirt in a car park and build a set of jumps. Every Halfords has got a bloody great car park and the Bike Hut team ought to be there, showing off the skills and the bikes and getting people involved. They use us in various ways to pull people into the stores, but not nearly enough. I want to be riding every day…”


Jonny’s a bit frustrated having made the ‘sensible’ decision not to go to Canada for the World Cup races he’s naturally a bit gutted.

“It was the right decision, but you ride because you want to do World Cups so it’s annoying not to be in with a chance. I won the Midland Championships, but only because they wouldn’t let Rob Warner take the prize, so that’s a bit annoying too. Everyone congratulating me when I know I got beat.”

Life’s just bloody annoying at the moment by the sound of it.

“It gets worse. My brother (Billy) beat me at Alpe D’Huez and he’s right on my tail all the time. Just a second off.”

Now that is really bad.

“It is. That’s why I want to get stuck in, do some shows, pull the crowds, do my thing. Maybe I should go into a Halford’s board meeting with a sack of dirt, tip it out onto the table and show them what could be done.”

Maybe you should, but I think a video presentation might go down better.


“You could be right”.