Inspirational women at The Cycle Show

These women will make you want to get out and ride

Heading to The Cycle Show this weekend? If you’re looking for inspiration, adventure or just want to hear about the amazing achievements and exploits of some of the best female cyclists in the world, the women’s hub is the place to be.


From multiple world champions and Olympians to women who have cycled the world solo, these sessions are free and guarenteed to leave you wanting to hop on your bike and ride.

There are also plenty of bikes, kit and clothing to get you kitted up for your next adventure, and experts on hand to advise you about bike fit, how to fuel your rides and much, much more.

Don’t forget to pop along and visit the Cycling Plus stand!

Hear from pro cyclists, world champions and endurance athletes. Joanna Rowsell Shand MBE is one of many amazing speakers!
Joanna Rowsell Shand

Friday 28th September

11.00 Maria David

David, AKA writer, cyclist and keen blogger under the name ‘2WheelChick‘ is passionate about women’s cycling and racing, and isn’t adverse to taking on an adventure or two herself. Hear her talk about taking on life and the world on two wheels.

12.00 Anna Glowinski

Glowinski has been at the forefront of women’s cycling for years. A talented rider, designer and television presenter, she’s represented and encouraged women’s cycling, designed her own range of clothing and much more. It’s fair to say she’s a figurehead of the sport. Join her for a Q&A session to find out about the recent challenges she’s faced personally, and her plans for her unique cycling clothing line Anna’s Legs.

13.00 Ishbel Holmes, World Bike Girl

There are few women in the world who have achieved as much – or cycled as far – as Ishbel Holmes AKA World Bike Girl. In addition to cycling the world solo, she has been a velodrome sprinter for the Iranian National Team, British masters sprint champion and much more besides. Come along to hear about her incredible adventures, ask advice and be inspired.

14.00 Kirsten Wild

The Dutch professional cyclist is a four-times World Champion, has raced for the highly successful Wiggle High5 team and is an experienced road and track cyclist. Come hear her speak about life in the pro women’s peloton, her experiences, and what it’s like to beat one of the best riders in the world, Marianne Vos.

15.00 Joanna Rowsell Shand MBE

Olympic athelete Rowsell Shand was part of the team that inspired a nation during the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Discover what it’s like to compete at the highest level, and hear about her work to help grow cycling at a grass roots level.

The VeloVixen hub provides the platform for inspiring female speakers
The Cycle Show

Saturday 29th September

10.45 Bianchi Dama

The Bianchi Dama team ride hard, train hard, work hard – and all have full-time jobs. If you’re curious how to juggle training with everyday life, they’re bound to have some advice, as well as sharing their experiences of competing.

12.00 Womandurance

Female adventure cyclists are taking on the world, tackling immense challenges and feats of endurance that are bound to inspire. Three amazing adventure cyclists – Naomi Freireich, Jenn Wicks, Phillippa Battye – demonstrate exactly what women are capable of, and it’s damn impressive.

13.00 Lee Bibring from LoveVelo

If you think cycling holidays aren’t for you, or you’ve always wanted to know what goes on in one, Bibring is here to help.

14.00 Shanaze Reade

Triple UCI BMX World Champion Reade is an incredibly skilled cyclist who has competed globally, including the odd Olympic Games. She talks with Ned Boulting about her life, experience and future plans.

15.00 Edie Harrison and Emily Chappel

The Transcontinental is an epic self-supported race across Europe with riders tackling on average 4000km. If you want to know what it’s like to take on this incredible challange, ride as a solo female and win, look no further. Harrison and Chappel will share their experiences, the highs and lows of solo racing and answer your questions.

There will be plenty of new bike goods to drool over
The Cycle Show

Sunday 30th September

10.45 Triathlon panel

Few sports offer the variety of triathlon, uniquely blending the skills and fitness of three distinct sports into its own special entity. If you want to get into it, or if you want to get good at it, these panelists will give you all the expert advice you need.

11.30 Katie Forde

To say that Forde is a record breaker is something of an understatement. She holds the 6 hour, 100km, 200km and 300km indoor track cycling endurace world records, and has competed in the Race Across America (RAAM). If you want to find out more about her training, experience and how a world record holder gets into the cycling buiness, get yourself along to hear her speak. 

12.30 Rebecca Nourse

Cycling nutrition expert Nourse will guide you through eating and drinking your way towards being a better cyclist. After all, you need the right fuel to keep your body running smoothly and effectively.


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