Instyle S2 exercise bike brings outdoors indoors

For those lacking motivation to ride in the cold

Our sister gadget site have just had a ride on the Instyle S2 exercise bike. It’s an indoor training machine linked to a 17” LCD screen, which means you can ride on a number of pre-programmed courses. There are over 30 maps to tackle, as well as built-in games to test your endurance and speed.  The handlebars even move to give you a more realistic simulation of actual riding.


The Instyle S2 is able to connect to the Internet, similar to some of the latest indoor trainers that attach to your own bike. This means you can race others around the world, deathmatch style, without the virtual gore.

At £6,500, it’s not your everyday piece of kit, but gyms across the country are likely to snap them up.


To learn more and to watch a video demonstration of the bike, head to T3 where Rhi Morgan huffs and puffs her way through a grand total of 15 calories.