Intense sign Robbie ‘Big Air’ Bourdon

New ride for Canadian big mountain freerider

Robbie Bourdon has signed with Intense Cycles

Intense Cycles have signed veteran big mountain freerider and New World Disorder star Robbie Bourdon, who was dropped from the Kona team last year.


Bourdon will be riding the SlopeStyle freeride rig, and it is believed he will help Intense – who in the past have focussed more on the downhill racing circuit than the freeride scene – with product development.


Intense said: “We’re stoked to see Robbie out representing our brand. He’s a good guy and an awesome rider. We recently saw Robbie in action at the Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah. He didn’t win the comp, but as always impressed the crowd and the other competitors. The other riders tend to talk about how Robbie is always the first down a new line or the instigator of developing a new trick. This approach falls in line with our way of designing and building bikes.”