Interbike 2011: Urge All M helmet

Different to your average trail helmet

Lurking amongst Urge’s already well established helmet line up, we spotted this new little beauty, the All M (all mountain) helmet. Well, we think it’s a beauty anyway as like their other lids, this will no doubt split opinions when it comes to design.


There’s no denying the All M lid looks different to your average trail helmet and offers a good amount of coverage with the rear dropping down over the back of the head in a similar way to their well received Endur-o-matic helmet.

There’s eight vents in total along with some internal channelling to help keep things cool and a roll cage to bolster strength.


We don’t have an accurate weight just yet as this is still in early prototype stages but we’re assured we’ll be getting one for testing as soon as possible. We reckon it’s going to be a winner so stay tuned for a full review in Mountain Biking UK soon.