Ireland introduces cycle-to-work scheme

Workers to get tax relief on purchases up to 1,000 euros

Ireland is to introduce a cycle-to-work scheme

From the start of 2009, the Republic of Ireland will have its own cycle-to-work scheme, similar to that operating in the UK.


Workers will be given tax relief on a bike and equipment. Unlike the UK scheme, the Irish one is not described as a hire scheme but a salary reduction scheme. This sounds less inviting but the principle of the taxman chipping in something for your bike is the same.

The scheme, which will be launched on January 1, will be limited to one application every five years per person, and employees will be limited to a total spend of 1,000 euros, including equipment such as a helmet, lights and lock. Brands expected to participate include Trek, Dawes and Giant.


The Irish scheme is part of a government strategy to increase cycling levels from two percent to 10 percent by 2020.