ISON Distribution Announces SALSA UK MTB Team

The Team have ridden together for the past four years under other brands and have produced some exce

Ison Distribution Ltd, who are the Sole Authorised UK Distributors for Salsa, are proud to announce the formation of the Salsa UK MTB Team

The Team have ridden together for the past four years under other brands and have produced some excellent results as they all work well together.


The Team has been set up with the support of Salsa Cycles and Thetford MTB Racing in particular Paul “Nibby” Hore who becomes the Team Manager and driving force.

The Team will be using Salsa Moto Rapido and Salsa El Santo bikes decked out with components from Hope, ODI, White Brothers (forks), Halo Wheels, Shimano (via Madison), Snap-On Tools, Premier Foods and Salsa parts.

The Team have just taken delivery of a fully-liveried Fiat van which will accompany the riders at events.

If you see it at an event feel free to pop by for a chat, pick up a Salsa catalogue and have a look at the Team bikes.

The Team will consist of:
Nick Owen – 18-39 (Sport), who is a very strong 32 yr. old rider and usually finishes in the top 5 places in the Sports Category.
Phil Buick – (Vet), is a Vet but rides like a 20 yr old.
Ruth Owen-Evans – 18-39 (Female), who is very strong 23 yr old and will be the series winner at the Marin Winter Enduros. She consistently places in most big events.
Sara Flatt – -(Vet), is a very strong 40+ rider with great tech skill.

Plus 2 part time members:
Anna Buick – (Junior), is 16 and she will be second in her Cateory at the Marin Winter Enduros, plus she has placed well in other events.
Imogen Buick – (Fun), is just 11 and she has just started racing. She will be 3rd in the fun category BUT the 1st girl to be on the podium.

Paul “Nibby” Hore is the Team Manager. Frank Jaworski will be Tech Support.


The Races that Team Salsa UK will compete in for 2007/8 will include:
The Marin Winter Enduros.
Enduro 6 – which is a 6 hr endurance race at Catton Park on April 28/29.
The Saab/ Salomon 24 hr race which is a mixed team event and takes place 23/24 June.
The Bontrager 24/12. Which is a 24 hr race and the Team will either be mixed or all Male.
The Sleepless in the Saddle 24hr race.
The Dusk ’til Dawn 12hr night race.
Other events that members of the team will do will be the NPS XC Series, the Trek 2-4-6 Gorrick XC races and the Southern Series