It does happen

This is for those of you who didn't make it to Uni, or College or whatever. Just in case you're feel

Although usually to other people

This is for those of you who didn’t make it to Uni, or College or whatever. Just in case you’re feeling crap as all your mates check in for their three years skive and start the way they mean to go on with a week long piss-up, take a look at the character on the surf board. Mr Crud, in case you don’t recognise those distinguished features, generally easily picked by the bloody great smile plastered across the face.


A picture is worth a thousand words and this one tells you that all is not lost. Hanging around riding bikes, messing withy motor bikes, playing rock ‘n’roll and cleaning windows to finance your habits can be the road to those Big Rock Candy Mountains. All you need to do is re-invent the mudguard and take the massive punt that you can design a piece of plastic that everybody must have.

Or, as that’s been done, something else will do.

You’ll need a lot of nouse, a lot of luck and plenty of guts, but it can be done. And is done more often than you realise.

Then you can spend all your time surfing, riding bikes, messing with motorbikes, snowboarding, playing rock’n’roll and laying about with impunity.


Go for it.