It never rains but it pours

Hi Steve, what are you thinking? "I'm thinking I'm pretty much screwed for the World Cup. 7th overal

Steve Peat is one hour’s kip back from the States when rings

Hi Steve, what are you thinking?


“I’m thinking I’m pretty much screwed for the World Cup. 7th overall and I’m going to have a struggle getting into the Top Five now.”

You really needed a result at Grouse Mountain.

“Yep – it never rains but it pours.”

(If you haven’t been keeping up to date, it pissed with rain half way through the finals at Grouse Mountain, the clouds came down and the top twenty couldn’t see a thing. So the slow qualifiers did well. The only top boy to succeed was Mickael Pascal, who seems to work on echo location).

You’ve just been riding the Jeep race, what’s all that about?

“It’s like a duel slalom which turns into a single track finish, with jumps. The two courses meet in a sort of Y, but you have to stay in your own lanes.”

Like love, it’s a man woman thing, I hear.

“Not much like love, but yeah. I’m teamed up with Tracey Moseley and Ffionn was teamed with Dale Holmes, then Scott Beaumont took over from Dale. Those are the two British teams”

Any good?

“I think so. Good for TV, good for the riders, good for the sport. It’s too new to call, but I saw a bit of it on TV and I think it’as exciting to watch”.

You’re focused on the World Championships, I imagine. You’ve already won the rest so is this the one you really want?

“I want all of them, but this is my only one left. It’s in Lugano and the rumours are that it will be extreme. I know the Federation teams are worried about their Juniors riding it.

“They say it’s six minutes for men and four minutes for women. I’m looking forward to that. And I reckon anyone wanting to see one really good race should get out to Switzerland on September 6/7th.”

Thanks Steve, you can go back to sleep now.

“I don’t think so. Plan B is to have a few beers”.


Pic 1: Cedric Gracia – currently ranked No 1
Pic 2: Nathan Rennie – currently Ranked No 2
Pic 3: Will Longden – currently ranked No 12