James Bowthorpe cycling 300 miles in London shop window

Preparation for next year's Race Across America

James Bowthorpe, pedalling into the night

Round-the-world cyclist James Bowthorpe is warming up for his crack at the Race Across America next year by cycling 300 miles in a London shop window.


He’s set up his Qoroz titanium bike on some Rollapaluza rollers in the front window of the Look Mum No Hands cycle café in Old Street to simulate the distance he’ll be racing in the 2012 competition.

Bowthorpe started pedalling at 7.30pm yesterday and expects to finish at the same time this evening, when he’ll immediately give a talk on his cycling exploits, past, present and future. The first couple of hours saw him ordering food from the menu and chatting with friends, who took it in turns to cycle with him on a second rig.


Three-hundred miles is the daily distance he’ll have to cover during RAAM, a 3,000-mile, 170,000 vertical foot non-stop trek across the US from California to Maryland. As a solo cyclist in the race, Bowthorpe will have a maximum of 12 days to get across the finish line. Check out the video below for his progress so far.

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