Jeff Jones custom child’s bike – first look

Steel machine uses builder's famous Spaceframe

Niche bike builder Jeff Jones, famous for his Spaceframe, Truss fork and H-bar has created a mini version of his bike, custom-built for his six-year old son Korbin.


While it’s not built from Jones’s usual frame material of choice, titanium, the 4130 steel-framed machine has an eccentric bottom bracket, 20 inch wheels and a removable gear hanger so it can be run singlespeed, geared or with an internal hub.

Jeff said: “He (Korbin) is riding this bike so much better than the other bikes I built up for him using stock frames and parts. His friends like it and seem to be able to ride it better than their own bikes too.”

“It’s at the powder coater getting a dark shade of blue right now. When it comes back he wants to build it up as a single speed and try out BMX racing at the local track.”


Jeff says that he may offer production kids framesets in the future, so watch this space for prices and more details.