Just in: Acros ceramic headsets and bottom brackets

Ceramic balls for increased performance

Acros dropped in recently with their fresh line of bottom bracket and headsets, and with a wide range on offer, they’re definitely worth considering if you’re in need of new kit or fancy an upgrade.


Acros use ceramic ball-bearings in their higher level componentry, as is the trend when it comes to your bike’s rotating components. Harder, lighter and faster spinning than regular steel balls, the silicon nitride spheres are becoming commonplace on high end components where every bit of weight saving and increased performance counts.

Here’s a selection of the new range, starting with mountain biking:

Orange ABB with stainless steel bearings. RRP: £50

ABBMT: abbmt

Red ABB with ceramic bearings and a two year warranty. RRP: £80

ABBCXS: abbcxs

Red AH01 headset with a combination of ceramic and stainless steel bearings, and comes with a ten year warranty [can be used on road bikes too]. RRP: £100

AH01Ceramic: ah01ceramic


ABB Ceramic bottom bracket with ceramic bearings and a two year warranty. RRP: £80

CXSBB: cxsbb

Ai-24R1 Ceramic headset with two different bearings. RRP: £100

AI24R1Ceramic: ai24r1ceramic

This limited edition headset with a super smooth fully ceramic upper bearing is available in various colours and will set you back a cool £399. You can have your name engraved onto it for no extra cost.

With a lifetime guarantee and weighing in at an impressive 61g (with the AH-01 cups for Road/Light XC) it’s a posh bit of lightweight kit.

Ultimate: ultimate

For more information go to balfa.co.uk