Just in: Bont a-two shoes and Magicshine bar mount

Plus MET Estro helmet & Cube bottle cages

Bont started out back in 1975 as makers of ice skating boots and only spread their wings into cycling shoes four years ago. It proved to be a successful move, with Bont-sponsored athletes hoovering up eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in their first year.


Pictured here are the a-two (£175) road shoes, which had a redesign this year and now have less carbon fibre around the toe area. They’re handmade, with a sole made from a combination of carbon and fibreglass, and a lightweight microfibre upper. They use a Velcro/buckle combo for fastening and have seven tiny mesh vents on the front for ventilation. Overall weight for the pair is 697g.

Magiclight handlebar mount

Magicshine lights have long been championed by our forum members for their amazing power-to-price ratio, and they’ve done well in our reviews, too – check out our tests of the MJ-872, MJ-816 and MJ-808. The rudimentary O-ring mount isn’t ideal though, as it has a tendency to rotate around the handlebar.

Various homemade solutions have been suggested, often based on modifying mounts designed for other lights. But this new offering from South Africa’s Magiclight is the first purpose-made option we’ve come across. You simply unscrew the original base plate from the bottom of the light and install Magiclight’s version in its place.

Magiclight’s handlebar mount replaces the o-ring that comes with magicshine lights:
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

This then clips into a quick-release bar mount, which is tightened via a single Allen key bolt and comes with a rubber shim for smaller diameter bars. The head unit can be swiveled a couple of degrees in either direction to compensate for bar sweep, and then locked out by tightening the bolt.

We haven’t used the mount on the bike yet, but it’s simple to attach and fit – just make sure you don’t thread the tiny screw that attaches the base plate to the light; something Magiclight warn about in the instructions – and is an elegant solution. It’s available in Britain from Magiclight UK for £15.

The magiclight handlebar mount has a quick-release bracket:
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

MET Estro helmet

Helmet makers MET are based in the Italian Alps and sponsor teams such as Endura and Saur Sojasun in the pro peloton. They class their new Estro lid in the Road Sport range, so it’s aimed at amateur and wannabe racers. It weighed in at a fairly hefty 284g (medium size) on our scales, but it does feel like a solid bit of kit. It’s available in red, blue, white, black or anthracite for £89.99, via UK distributors Fisher Outdoor Leisure.

MET’s race-inspired estro helmet: met’s race-inspired estro helmet
John Whitney/BikeRadar

Cube bottle cages

Next up are a bunch of bottle cages from Cube; one carbon, one polycarbonate and one alloy. Naturally the carbon HPC (£29.99) model is the lightest at just 25g. The polycarbonate HPP (£10.99) cage is available in a wide range of options for the colour conscious, including blue/white, white/red and black/green. It’s slightly heavier than the HPC at 38g. The alloy HPA (£5.49) is the heaviest of the three at 45g, and comes in white or black.

Cube’s alloy hpa, hpc and hpp cages:
John Whitney/BikeRadar

From left to right, Cube’s alloy HPA, HPC and HPP cages